Here's How To Consistently Generate Highly Qualified Mortgage Leads Every Month WITHOUT Paying Lead Gen Firms, Relying on Referrals, Cold Calling, Messaging Strangers Online or Using The Same Old Recycled Marketing Strategies

If you’re like most Mortgage Brokers and IFAs, you struggle to generate qualified leads because you don’t have a reliable and repeatable system in place.

And as a result of not figuring this out…

People don’t know who you are and how you can help them.

They're not contacting you and booking appointments.

They aren’t becoming happy clients who refer others to you.

And your commissions and revenue are inconsistent. 

The system I'm about to tell you about has the power to dramatically change the course of your business.

Qualified leads are the fuel that make every business run.

Without them, it's difficult to build momentum, and even if you do, things will eventually break down.

When you have consistent qualified leads coming in, confidence in your business, cashflow and in YOU increases.

This system is about generating the highest quality leads (people who want what you offer) and converting them into happy clients.

It uses a process that...

  • Attracts Your Perfect Prospects, QUALIFIED people who not only want your services, but are the IDEAL people you want to work with and help.

  • Nurtures your leads on autopilot showcasing your expertise and authority, building credibility and rapport with your new prospect before you've ever spoken with them.

  • Converts those leads into happy clients who enthusiastically refer you to their friends and family without hesitation.

Attract the best prospects

Tired of talking to timewasters? This system means you'll only be dealing with people who are ready to take action.

Prove your expertise

Discover how to showcase your knowledge and build credibility and rapport with your new client before you've even spoken to them.

Nurture your leads on autopilot

Learn how to automate the process of following up with prospects so as they are more likely to become clients.


I'm David Miles, and I help Mortgage Brokers and IFAs grow their business predictably by working with them so they attract their perfect prospects and convert them into happy clients, consistently.

And I've put the whole process into my new book…

Building an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine

This book will show you how to:

  • Transform your marketing message and create unstoppable demand for your services so you never worry where your next lead is coming from
  • Wipe out the competition by differentiating yourself from all the other mortgage brokers out there; you become a market and choice of one for the services you offer
  • Get laser-focused with your marketing so as you attract high quality prospects for a lower cost, bringing in people who want, and are ready, for what you offer
  •  Sell the value of your service so as you can charge higher fees which means greater profits from working with fewer ideal clients
  • Turn cold leads into warm leads and get qualified leads calling you every day. No more cold calling or unresponsive bought leads
  • Become a recognised expert and authority in the mortgage industry
  • Turn leads into high value clients predictably and consistently
  • Build a sustainable and consistent mortgage business by maximising the lifetime value of each client
  • Build an army of fans and loyal advocates who will market your business and generate new leads for you; referrals come from happy clients and those clients come from leads you generate using what you’ll discover in the book

And much more!

A Question For You

Are you a mortgage broker looking for a way to boost your revenues, help more people or stand out from the competition to become a recognised authority in your field?

Then this inexpensive book might just be the most important thing you've ever bought

Because ...

I’m about to share with you one of the most effective, high conversion, lead generation systems out there that will make your business skyrocket with sales and fill your calendar with appointments.

No matter what the economic situation is in your country (or even the whole world), no matter how many competitors (big or small) you are facing.

 It doesn’t even matter how much you have struggled up to now…

The System Is Ideal For You To

Bring In New Clients Consistently

However, in life, everything needs effort: there’s no such thing as an easy fix.

If you want to see your business grow, then you have to act, and act now.

Because the situation won’t suddenly change on its own.

This system is the breakthrough you are looking for to generate consistent, qualified leads on autopilot once you have it in place (following the steps I give you in the book).

It has absolutely nothing to do with the old, outdated lead generation methods you might have tried up to now.

How do I know that?

Because I’ve been in your shoes too.

I have tried word of mouth methods, hoping one day the message would get so widely spread it filled my calendar with appointments.

But the reality is, most consumers are shy and don’t really like to talk about products, services, and businesses.

Just think about it: How many times in your life have you gone around talking about a product to your friends?

I know I don’t do it very often.

When I owned my own mortgage brokerage, I also tried purchasing a batch of “hot” leads from lead generation companies.

But, in the end, they didn’t turn out to be so hot.

Yes, it looked like I had a lot of hot prospects to contact.

But, let me tell you, I found it very difficult to turn them into customers.

The quality of the service those websites provide is very poor, and one high-quality lead in 100 isn’t going to make the difference for your business.

At this point, you could say I was starting to get desperate with my old business.

Everything I did was literally to no avail, producing very little or zero results.

And yet, I believed in my business, and the services I was offering.

 I couldn’t afford to do nothing, hoping for the best and watch the ship sink!

It was my main source of income, but it wasn’t providing as much money as I would have hoped for.

Plus, I had a team of advisers who all relied on me providing the leads for them to follow up and work with.

Things Had To Change

and Change Dramatically

This is the reason why I put myself to work.

I analysed, researched, and tested out many different marketing strategies so that I could come up with the best working one.

It was after 6 months of long hours of work, focused effort, and countless revisions, during the midst of the chaos that my mortgage brokerage business was in... that I came up with the most effective lead generation system there is.

And I’m thrilled to share my secret formula with you in my new book.

Building an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine


I’ve put together a 94-page eBook that you can read in an afternoon.

This isn’t your typical marketing book with nothing but a bunch of theories; there’s no ‘art of the possible’ here.

This book takes you step-by-step through my proven process of generating highly qualified mortgage leads using a system that pays for itself.

And when you can generate dozens of leads every day, at little or no cost, the impact that has on your business and finances is immediate and massive.

The last few years have been challenging and life changing for many people however...

No Matter What's Going On In The World Or

What The Current Economic Situation Is
This System STILL Works

Here's why...

The only reason a qualified prospect wouldn't make an appointment to speak with you about their mortgage is because they aren't certain you can help them.

Think about that, it's important!

If someone who needs a mortgage, or remortgage, is 100% certain YOU can help them get the finance they want, there is NO reason why they wouldn't want to become a client of yours.

And the process (that I detail in the book) ensures this happens for you and they become clients.

Each "lead" you bring into your business is qualified because, before you even speak to them, they have already got to know, like and trust you without you having to lift a finger.

They've given you their contact details in return for getting useful content in the form of a free guide or report from your website.

And if this content is genuinely helpful (this is key), then you will be building credibility with your prospects and demonstrating to them that you can help.

Getting More Qualified Prospects Who Are Certain You Can Help Them Is Game Changing For Your Business

My book walks you through the whole process.

Here's Just a Small Taster of What You'll Get...

  • The huge mistake nearly every mortgage broker makes when trying to grow their client bank and what you should be doing instead (page 13)
  • Why most marketing campaigns fail to get results and how to avoid the mistakes others make (page 24)
  • How to get cheaper traffic from Google which actually converts better than the more expensive traffic (page 32)
  • How to take ultra cheap visitors from Facebook and turn them from stone cold leads into warm leads who look forward to hearing from you (and book appointments) (page 89)
  • How to get inside the head of your ideal client and ensure you are providing solutions to their most pressing problems, which shows you as an authority in your market and someone who 'gets them'  (page 27)
  • My proven step-by-step process for creating an irresistible lead magnet, the 'free thing' you offer your website visitors in exchange for their email address - it's easier than you think when you know how (page 57)
  • How to produce eye-catching and professional looking PDF reports/guides without needing any design skills. This really is as simple as point and click using a free tool (even a complete technophobe can use it) (page 61)
  • Details of the best and easiest tool (no, it's not Clickfunnels) that anyone can use to create high converting landing pages on your website for generating enquiries and email list signups, automatically (page 63)
  • My tried and tested strategy for sending emails that turn people into qualified leads (all hands off and automated) (page 69)
  • Examples of how to write killer copy (the words on your web page) that uses psychology to convince people to take action and use your services (page 72)
  • The single most important thing you can do to convert more of your leads into clients and have those clients happily refer you to their friends and family (page 82)
  • And much MUCH more...

Click The Button Below To Get Your Copy Right Now

For just £5 you can purchase my 94 page book, 
Building an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine, for immediate download and get everything you need to implement this game-changing strategy into your mortgage business.

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Get These 4 Additional Trainings For Free

Bonus Video Training #1
How to Identify Your Ideal Client So as Your Marketing is More Effective at Generating Leads

At the core of any successful mortgage or IFA business is your ability to identify your ideal client so your marketing is more effective at generating leads.

Ultimately this enables you to work less, and focus only on those people who are ideal for the products and services you offer.

In this bonus training video I’ll show you how to identify your ideal client and create a marketing message that positions you as the only person who can really help them.

Bonus Video Training #2
How to Attract More of the Right Kind of Prospects to Your Website

In this bonus training video we’ll go a step further, and after identifying your ideal clients, I show you how to attract these ideal clients to your website.

We'll go through...

  1. How to get free traffic to your website
  2. When to use paid advertising and how to do it cost-effectively
  3. Why Facebook Ads don't work and what you should use instead

And more.

Bonus Video Training #3
How to Convert Your Hot Prospects Into Long-Term Happy Clients

In this bonus training video, I walk you through how to convert your prospects into HAPPY paying clients without having to use outdated hard sell, high pressure methods. (This ties in perfectly with chapter 8 of the book)

You'll look forward to speaking with prospective new clients, and they’ll enjoy the whole process of speaking with you and be very comfortable accepting your recommendations, products and services.

Bonus Video Training #4
How to Get 10 New Mortgage Clients in the Next 10 Weeks

When I ran my IFA firm what I'm about to show you in this training video was by far my biggest source of WARM leads.

With the online platforms most people immediately think of Facebook for lead generation. Whilst you can get good leads from Facebook it has one big problem.

Facebook is a SOCIAL platform and people go on for social reasons and interaction with friends and family.

To grab attention, you MUST interrupt what they are already doing.

There is an easier way.

You go where people are ACTIVELY searching and in the BUYING mode.

In this book bonus training video, I walk you through, step by step, how you can get get 10 new mortgage clients in the next 10 weeks.

The Building an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine Book is available for a one-time payment of just £5. 

When you order today, you’ll get an immediate digital download (and a copy of the physical book if you wish) plus all four of the bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

Order your copy today and get the exact method I’ve used to consistently attract my ideal prospects and add new clients consistently, for my own IFA firm in the past and for the clients I now work with.

Is an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine What Your Business Has Been Missing?

If you’re ready to try the method we use to rapidly attract new prospects, people who are actively looking for your help and advice, then turn them into happy clients....

While educating those who need your help the most and delivering value they genuinely appreciate…

Rapidly building authority and trust...

... and eliminating the unpredictability of marketing systems that can be inconsistent, expensive, or time consuming...

My latest book, Building an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine, can show you what to do.

The advantages of using this method are outlined in the book, but at the very core of this method are these realities:

  • Reality #1: Your marketing needs to produce predictable results, so you know what leads you have coming in today, tomorrow, next week and next month. Referral or Word of Mouth recommendations are great but just don't give you any predictability.
  • Reality #2: Paying for leads appeals on the surface because the work is done for you, however in reality the quality of the leads is inconsistent yet the price we pay is always high no matter the quality (or lack of it)! Add into that, the lead providers selling those leads to multiple IFAs & Mortgage Brokers it seems like a lose-lose proposition.
  • Reality #3: Creating your very own Automated Mortgage Lead Machine will almost always result in higher quality prospects and higher close rates (especially when you create it the way I show you in the book).

I believe these are just a few of the many reasons why Building an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine works consistently and more predictably than any other method I’ve tried or tested.

If you’re ready to peek behind the curtain as I reveal the strategies, methods, and principles I’m using to accomplish all of this...

Click “Yes! I Want the Book + Bonuses” below, get your copy of the Building an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine book and let me show you my unique process, how I help IFAs and Mortgage Brokers just like you attract and convert their ideal clients, and many of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Get the ‘Building an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine’ Book + All 4 Bonuses for Just £5

  • A copy of the Building an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine book
  • Bonus Video Training #1 - How to identify your ideal client so as your marketing is more effective at generating leads
  • Bonus Video Training #2 - How to attract more of the right kind of prospects to your website
  • Bonus Video Training #3 - How to convert those prospects into long-term clients
  • Bonus Video Training #4 - How we help our clients get 10 new mortgage clients in the next 10 weeks

Get Everything Above Today For

Just £5

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re sceptical of ANY advertising claims at this point… I understand.

And I’m not asking your to let your guard down.

That would be unfair given how many half-truths there are on the internet to wade through.

Instead, here’s my offer:

Buy my book for £5 and get instant access to it as a PDF download.

If you dislike it for ANY reason… Just let me know and I’ll refund you the £5.

You won’t even have to send anything back. Just ask for a refund, and it’s yours.


David really gets results. His ability to generate leads from a previously inactive website is nothing short of a minor miracle. The trouble a client has with engaging David is that the resulting increase in business might be too much to cope with!

Peter Callomon

Mortgage Broker

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, look no further than David. His expertise, not only on Google Ads but in other areas of online marketing, is second to none. Also, his straightforward approach to consultancy means his clients have a clear understanding about what he is trying to achieve for their websites.

David Taylor

Digital Business Adviser

Are You Ready to See How I Use My Lead Generation System To Help Mortgage Brokers and IFAs Grow Their Business?

If you’re ready to try the method we use to rapidly acquire new leads and clients consistently and predictably

Turning brand new prospects into premium clients

While educating those who need your help the most and delivering value they genuinely appreciate

Rapidly building authority and trust with your prospects

And eliminating the unpredictability of marketing systems that can be inconsistent, expensive, or time consuming.

My latest book, Building an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine, will show you exactly how I simplified my marketing with this system (along with dozens of lessons I learned along the way for getting clients for Mortgage Brokers and IFAs).

Time Is Of The Essence

Do something different right now.

You can invest a few pounds in the same system that has taken mortgage brokers just like you from earning a few thousand a a few thousand a day.

Click the button above to get your copy of Building an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine.

Thanks for reading this very long letter!

Best wishes,
David Miles

P.S. Here’s the TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary in case you're pressed for time:

Buying mortgage leads from lead generation companies is a mug's game.

The "secret" to running a successful and profitable mortgage brokerage is to take control of your own lead generation.

You need to be able to drive interested visitors to your website and then take them through a process that converts them from cold leads to warm leads and then to qualified leads - and finally into clients.

This is the same process I created and used myself when I had my own mortgage and IFA firm back in the early days of the internet.

I’m offering you an eBook (and bonuses) that walks you through how to do it.

It’s called Building an Automated Mortgage Lead Machine.

It'll show you how to put your mortgage lead generation on autopilot and build a sustainable and secure business.

It costs £5 for the book, including the bonuses, and if you dislike it for any reason, just let me know. I’ll refund the money and you can keep the book.

This offer won’t last forever, so act fast!

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