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Marketing Tools Every Mortgage Broker Needs in 2024

Before creating The Predictable Pipeline Programme, I owned and ran a mortgage brokerage business. It didn’t take long to realise that staying ahead in this industry required not just a team of financial experts but also a keen understanding of the tools that can propel your marketing campaigns to new heights.

As we continue into 2024, the competition among mortgage brokers continues to intensify, making it imperative to use the latest marketing tools to captivate potential clients, nurture leads, and close deals efficiently.

There is an endless list of options, each promising the world, but which ones truly deliver?
In my own journey, I've waded through this sea of options, often feeling overwhelmed by choices and underwhelmed by results.

This article aims to cut through the noise, offering a curated guide to the most effective marketing tools for mortgage brokers. Tools that not only promise but prove their ability to enhance visibility, engage clients meaningfully, and, most importantly, offer a significant return on investment.

Join me as we explore how to invest your time and resources wisely and ensure that your marketing efforts lead to tangible growth and success.

1. Thrive Suite

Use: To improve the conversion rate on your website

Financial Adviser Email Marketing - Marketing Tools Every Mortgage Broker Needs in 2024

A comprehensive collection of plugins ingeniously designed to increase your website's conversion rate—the crucial metric that measures the percentage of visitors who take a desired action, such as submitting a mortgage inquiry.

Imagine effortlessly implementing best practices in conversion rate optimisation: clear calls to action, countdown timers for urgency, and the power to test different page versions through split testing. Thrive Suite makes these strategies accessible and straightforward, even for those who aren't naturally tech-savvy.

In addition, it enabled me to transform blank canvases into engaging web pages and landing pages without any prior web design experience. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows for seamless assembly of various elements, from text blocks and videos to ready-made buttons and timers.

Beyond the aesthetics, Thrive Leads is a game-changer for building a robust mailing list—a strategy I cannot emphasise enough. It allows you to add pop-up forms and lead magnets in exchange for visitors' contact information and integrates smoothly with email systems.

Thrive Suite is yours for $299 a year. It includes all 9 WordPress plugins (Thrive Architect, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Leads, Thrive Apprentice, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Optimise, Thrive Comments and Thrive Automator), unlimited support and updates, as well as full access to premium templates on up to 5 websites. Each plugin is also available on a stand-alone basis at the discounted price of $99 annually.

2. Adzooma

Use: Monitors your advertising accounts and suggests how to improve them.

Financial Adviser Email Marketing - Marketing Tools Every Mortgage Broker Needs in 2024

Arguably the most valuable tool for your marketing arsenal, especially in terms of value for money, Adzooma has taken a revolutionary step by becoming completely free. This shift, initially a temporary measure during the first lockdown, has now solidified into a permanent offering, making high-caliber marketing automation accessible to all. The platform monetises through agency advertisements instead.

Adzooma seamlessly integrates with major pay-per-click advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Ads, offering actionable suggestions to optimise your campaigns.

Whether identifying underperforming keywords draining your budget or recognising the most effective ads worth your investment, Adzooma is designed to enhance the efficiency of your digital advertising efforts. Its intuitive interface provides a straightforward way to implement its recommendations, from pausing inefficient ads to adjusting bids, directly improving your campaign's ROI with just a few clicks.

For those who prefer an overarching analysis, Adzooma offers a comprehensive audit or performance report. This report grades various aspects of your advertising accounts using a colour-coded system to highlight areas of success and those needing improvement, offering a clear roadmap to a successful marketing strategy.

As someone who has personally navigated the complexities of PPC advertising, I can attest to the transformative impact Adzooma can have on your marketing campaigns. For more details, read my thorough review for insights into its features and benefits.

The standard plan is free and offers monthly performance reports and opportunity analyses, but you can also sign up for the Silver plan ($69/month) for weekly reports or the Gold plan ($179/monthly) for daily reports.

3. Canva

Use: Graphic design tool to access and design images for blog articles, websites and social media.

Financial Adviser Email Marketing - Marketing Tools Every Mortgage Broker Needs in 2024

With Canva, you're getting more than just a design tool; you're unlocking a treasure trove of templates perfect for anything from social media buzz to standout business cards. And the best part? It's all drag-and-drop easy.

But Canva isn't just about making things pretty; it's your partner in branding. With a few clicks, you can add your brand's essence across every design, ensuring your colours, logos, and fonts are consistently you.

Whether you're demystifying loan options with eye-catching visuals or highlighting customer success stories in beautifully designed newsletters, Canva empowers you to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

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4. Pictory

Use: Create promotional videos for social media channels or your website.

Financial Adviser Email Marketing - Marketing Tools Every Mortgage Broker Needs in 2024

Pictory is remarkably user-friendly, even for those without any prior video editing experience. Having used it myself, I was impressed by its straightforward interface and the intuitive process of creating videos.

The platform guides you step by step, from selecting templates to adding your content, making it easy to produce professional-looking videos in no time. Its automation features, like text-to-video conversion, simplify what would otherwise be complex editing tasks. So, even if you're attempting video creation for the first time, Pictory makes the experience simple and enjoyable.

With Pictory's intuitive platform, brokers can easily convert their existing articles or blog posts into informative videos, highlight customer testimonials, or offer quick mortgage tips.
This visual content can then be shared across social media platforms, websites, and email newsletters, enhancing online presence, engaging prospective clients, and ultimately driving more inquiries and conversions.

5. ActiveCampaign

Use: It gives you all the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to generate new leads at an unbeatable price.

Financial Adviser Email Marketing - Marketing Tools Every Mortgage Broker Needs in 2024

Despite the rise of various marketing channels in the 21st century, email marketing retains its crown, boasting up to 40 times more effectiveness in customer acquisition than Facebook and Twitter combined.

At its heart, ActiveCampaign serves as an Email Marketing Automation Platform.

It simplifies the complex world of email marketing with its advanced automation features, allowing for the creation of personalised emails, automated workflows, and targeted campaigns without requiring deep technical knowledge. Its drag-and-drop email editor, extensive template library, and robust segmentation tools enable mortgage brokers to send relevant and engaging content to different segments of their audience, ensuring higher engagement rates.

But there's more to it than just sending pretty emails. ActiveCampaign's behind-the-scenes tools ensure that your hard work lands in inboxes, not spam folders. Plus, its analytics and seamless integrations mean you're always in tune with your broader marketing goals.

Moreover, ActiveCampaign's deliverability tools, spam checking, analytics, and integrations with other systems ensure that your marketing efforts are compliant and well-integrated with your broader marketing strategy.

Whether sending out broadcast emails, triggering emails based on specific actions, or creating email funnels to nurture leads, ActiveCampaign equips mortgage brokers with the tools to build a strong, personalised connection with their audience. It's about sending the right message to the right person at the right time without needing a degree in computer science.

Its affordability, coupled with a suite of sophisticated features, makes it an ideal choice for those looking to grow their business in the competitive financial services landscape. 

6. Google Analytics

Use: Provides insights into lead generation, customer behaviour, and campaign effectiveness.

Financial Adviser Email Marketing - Marketing Tools Every Mortgage Broker Needs in 2024

Ah, Google Analytics – where numbers turn into insights, and insights turn into action.

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine knowing exactly how potential homebuyers find your website, which pages they linger on, and what content makes them click that all-important "Contact Us" button. That's the magic of Google Analytics. It's not just about traffic; it's about understanding the journey of your clients, from curious browsers to committed customers.

For someone in the mortgage industry, this tool is invaluable. It will help you pinpoint where your mortgage marketing efforts are paying off and where they're just not cutting it. You can see if your latest blog post about the ins and outs of mortgage rates is drawing in the crowd or if your how-to guides are what really pull people in. And the best part? It helps you understand the 'why' behind the data, allowing you to tailor my approach to what my audience truly needs.

And for the more tech-savvy moments, it lets you dive deep into the nitty-gritty of website performance. You can see which pages are slow to load, potentially turning away those in a hurry to find their dream home loan. It's like having a constant feedback loop that tells you where to improve, optimise, and celebrate successes.

Integrating Google Analytics into my marketing strategy has been a game-changer. It's not just about having data; it's about having the right data to make informed decisions, grow my reach, and, ultimately, help more people find their way to their dream homes with the right mortgage.

7. RankMath

Use: To optimise WordPress websites for search engines to improve SEO rankings.

Financial Adviser Email Marketing - Marketing Tools Every Mortgage Broker Needs in 2024

You may be wondering how Rankmath differs from Thrive Suite. While both are focused on WordPress sites, Rank Math focuses exclusively on search engine optimisation (SEO). It offers a suite of tools designed to improve a website's visibility in search engine results. Key features include Automated SEO audits, Sitemap generation, rich snippets support, Internal linking suggestions, and SEO performance tracking.

While Thrive Suit includes some SEO tools, its primary goal is to enhance website functionality and design to improve user engagement and conversions.

It's the simplicity of having complex SEO tasks broken down into actionable steps, coupled with real-time feedback on your content's SEO friendliness. Whether it's crafting the perfect meta title or meta description or using just the right number of keywords, Rank Math ensures your efforts align with what search engines love.

Rank Math's approach to SEO is about providing users with an intuitive and powerful toolset. It breaks down complex SEO tasks into manageable, actionable steps, offering real-time feedback on your content's optimisation. This ensures that even those new to SEO can effectively improve their site's search engine ranking.

Individuals with personal blogs can expect to pay $4.93 monthly, while agencies can either choose the Business plan at $20.99 (supports up to 200 clients) or the Agency plan at $49.99 (supports up to 750 clients). 

Bonus Tool - Buffer

Use: Buffer is a multi-purpose social media management tool that helps you draft and schedule posts for sharing across multiple social media channels.

Financial Adviser Email Marketing - Marketing Tools Every Mortgage Broker Needs in 2024

Starting with its free plan, Buffer is tailor-made for individuals and fledgling businesses. Whether you're aiming to queue up a week's worth of posts or seeking a robust solution to manage multiple social accounts, Buffer's scalable offerings adapt seamlessly to your needs. Paid plans unlock advanced capabilities and offer a generous 14-day trial.

At its essence, Buffer simplifies social media campaigns. Connect your accounts, schedule content across platforms, and let Buffer handle the publication at your predetermined times. Its mobile app further enhances this convenience, allowing for on-the-go content planning.

It equips you with a centralised dashboard for account management, saving invaluable time and effort. And the platform's analytics provide deep insights into post-performance, enabling data-driven strategy optimisation. 


In the mortgage broker business, staying ahead in 2024 isn't just about having a deep knowledge of finance and a passion for helping clients find their dream homes. It's equally about mastering the digital marketing tools that can significantly enhance your visibility and efficiency.

Throughout this article, we've navigated a selection of top-notch tools that stand out not just for their promises but for their proven ability to deliver results.

From optimising your website's conversion rate with Thrive Suite, making sense of your ad spend with Adzooma, to crafting visually appealing content with Canva, and engaging potential clients through targeted emails with ActiveCampaign, each tool plays a critical role in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

We also touched on the importance of understanding your web traffic with Google Analytics, optimising your site for search engines with RankMath, and managing your social media effortlessly with Buffer.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the array of digital marketing tools available or unsure about the best way to integrate them into your strategy, I'm here to help. With extensive experience in both mortgage brokerage and digital marketing, I can guide you through selecting and using these tools to achieve your business goals.

Don't let the digital marketing landscape intimidate you. Contact me today, and let’s set up an appointment to discuss how I can help.

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