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5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Essential for Mortgage Brokers

As a mortgage broker, you might think that using content marketing to promote your business isn’t necessary in your profession. However, that simply isn’t the case.

In today's digital world, original content which is both consistent and interesting is key for maintaining and developing your client base. And it doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in.

Content is an incredibly powerful tool, proven to increase customer engagement which results in more clients and business for you - and higher profit margins. This kind of marketing calls attention to your business in a way that suits both people and search engines, meaning it drives traffic and brings more business to you.

Simply having a website with your contact information and some basic details about your services really isn't enough these days: you need to be reaching the right customers and showing them why they should choose you.

The same choice of mortgages is available from tens of thousands of brokers. So, as a mortgage broker, you have to give customers a reason to want to use you instead of another company or adviser. And providing valuable content is one way to do this.  

Benefits of content marketing for mortgage brokers

Mortgage broker content marketing - 5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Essential for Mortgage Brokers

1. Content Marketing Increases Engagement

Research has shown that consistent, interesting,  and useful content impacts an audience more than any other marketing strategy. 

One great thing about content writing is that it gives people a way to engage and interact with you. Think about it. Do your potential clients currently have the capability to interact with you, other than by phoning or emailing you?

Regardless of the type of business you’re in, your present and future clients like to know that there's a human on the other end of the computer screen when they are considering doing business with you. It can provide them with a sense of security knowing that you’re writing to them about things they want to know about. Not to mention that audience engagement equals more views for you, which equals more business. So it’s definitely an area where you need to be investing some of your marketing budget.

2. Content marketing builds brand awareness

Brand awareness is key to being a successful mortgage broker. But building your brand is a time consuming and involved process. You need to get consumers on your side, and allow them discover what you’re selling but without forcing it down their throats.

Publishing interesting and valuable content (rather than spamming people with sales messages) will help you to do this. 

And by encouraging your followers to share your content and tag your brand, you can amplify your reach and build a strong online presence that resonates with your target audience.

With social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, you can create a community, engage with your followers, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.
3. Content Marketing Helps SEO

Good content should appeal to search engines (to give you a boost in search results) but should always appeal to the human reader.

Many companies get this wrong, focusing too heavily on keywords and creating a clunky reading experience. Or they resort to keyword stuffing which is actually banned by Google and can result in your site getting penalised. Don’t just guess at this, if you’re not knowledgeable about search engine optimisation then consider using a leading SEO agency to guide you or create your content for you.

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4. Show off your expertise

Content writing also allows you to show your expertise in your field. Writing useful content that’s full of great information shows your audience that you know what you’re talking about which helps to build their trust in you. And remember that all new content can be repurposed as email newsletters and social media posts.

By sharing your knowledge and insights on topics such as mortgage options, interest rates, and the home-buying process, you can establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field. Not only does this help build credibility with your audience, but it also demonstrates that you are committed to providing value beyond just selling mortgages.

Mortgage broker content marketing - 5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Essential for Mortgage Brokers

5. Stay Ahead of the Competition

If you’re in the mortgage advice business, you know that staying ahead of the competition can be tough. But, one effective way to stand out from the crowd is by publishing high-quality content on your website. By consistently creating and sharing informative and engaging articles, videos, and infographics, you can demonstrate your expertise and provide real value to your potential clients. 

In Conclusion

These are just five of the many reasons why content marketing should be part of your mortgage marketing strategy. Before you rush off and start writing, though, it's important to have a plan of what content you're going to create and where you're going to publish it.

If you have a mortgage brokerage business and would like to get some free advice on that, why not book a free 15 minute strategy call with me?

About the author 

David Miles

As a digital marketing consultant, author and trainer, I specialise in helping businesses in the financial services sector use the internet to get more enquiries and increase profits.

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