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The Secrets of the Google Ads Auction

Every time you carry out a Google search, Google runs an auction to decide which Google Ads adverts to show and in which order. This is known as the ad auction. You might think that, from Google’s point of view, it would be best to simply sell the top positions to the highest bidders. After all, […]

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What’s a Keyword Funnel

When you’re deciding what keywords to use for Google Ads, you need to try to find ones which are less competitive. When we talk about less competitive keywords we’re talking about the more niche ones which aren’t being chased after by every other company that sells the same products or services as you do. The less […]

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3 Easy Ways to Get More Mortgage Leads

When I ran my own mortgage brokerage, our biggest challenge was getting enough mortgage leads to keep the team busy and keep the fees coming in. And I know that it’s a challenge still being faced by lots of mortgage brokers and mortgage advisers today. So in this post I’m going to share three lead generation […]

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Responsive Display Ads Versus Image Ads – Is Less Really More?

The 20th Century New York abstract artist Ad Reinhardt once said:”The more stuff in it, the busier the work of art, the worse it is. More is less. Less is more.”And Ludwig Mies van der Rohe used “less is more” to describe his minimalist style of architecture. But does this same “less is more” philosophy apply […]

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How to Find Out the Age, Gender, and Interests of Your Website Visitors

Google Analytics can give you loads of useful and interesting information about the people who visit your website. But some of this information – such as the age, gender, and interests of your visitors – is only available if you enable the demographics and interests reports in Analytics. In the video below, I’ll walk you through how […]

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What is RLSA and How Can It Help Your Google Ads Campaigns?

With a standard search campaign in Google Ads, your keywords, ads and bids are the same regardless of who is carrying out the search. And yet, in many cases, there’s one group of searchers who are more likely to convert when they visit your site – and that’s those people who have already visited your […]

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10 Ways to Build Your Google Ads Keyword List – Fast!

If you want to advertise successfully with Google Ads it’s vital that you start off with a good list of keywords. Your keywords are the foundation of your campaigns. They are the words and phrases which your potential customers are likely to include in their search when they are on Google looking for the products or […]

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How to Target Ads on the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) is often dismissed as being a waste of money that drives low quality traffic to your website and generates little or nothing in the way of conversions. That view was probably justified back in the early days of the GDN when advertisers had little control over where their ads appeared and […]

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Data Analysis Cuts Google Ads Costs by 31%

One of the reasons I enjoy working in digital marketing, and with Google Ads in particular, is that it requires me to use both my analytical skills and my creativity. Creativity is important when you need to come up with ideas for new ad variations that you can use in split-testing. And this week I want to […]

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How to Use Split Testing to Boost Your Google Ads Performance

If you’ve read any of my blogs or guides about setting up Google Ads then you’ll know that I always recommend having at least two ads in each of your ad groups so as you can split-test different ad variations. This week I thought I’d share a couple of examples of how running split-tests (or A/B […]

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