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David Miles

With my comprehensive Google Ads checklist at your side, you'll find it easy to audit all the key components of your Google Ads account. This essential tool will help you to reduce wasted spend, drive more high quality visitors to your site, and increase conversions. 

This free checklist covers the all-important questions about your Google Ads account that will help you get a better return on investment from your ad budget - questions such as:

  • Are you using the optimum campaign settings?
  • Are you targeting the right locations for your business?
  • Are you using the correct advertising networks?
  • Do you have the right size budgets?
  • Have you picked the right keywords to attract would-be customers?
  • Have you got enough negative keywords to avoid wasted spend?
  • Is your account properly structured to reduce costs?
  • Do you have enough ad groups?
  • Are you using every trick in the book to make your ads stand out from the crowd?

Who is David Miles?

I've been auditing and improving Google Ads accounts since 2003, so I know what you need to look for and what things you need to get right if you want to get the maximum return on investment from your Google Ads campaigns. Your free audit checklist focuses on the 30 key areas that will make or break any Google Ads account.

Fix Your Google Ads Errors Now!

Download your free Google Ads audit checklist now. The sooner you get it, the sooner you'll be saving money and generating more leads from your website.

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