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Driving Growth: How To Get Clients as a Mortgage Broker

Imagine having a steady stream of clients waiting to receive your expertise as a mortgage broker.  

If that’s your goal, you may have noticed that the mortgage broker industry has gone digital, along with the rest of the world, and competing for clients has become a full-time job.

When acquiring new clients is your lifeblood, you need good ideas that will help you stand out in the marketplace. 

This article will cut through the information you may have found, but hasn’t had the desired effect and give you the elements you need to start building a lead generation strategy that works. 

Let’s get down to business.

Understand who your target audience really is

In the dynamic landscape of the mortgage industry, understanding your target audience is not just essential - it's a prerequisite for success. Your clients are more than just potential borrowers; they are individuals with unique financial needs, aspirations, and preferences. By delving deep into the psyche of your audience, you can tailor your approach, connect on a personal level, and address their specific concerns.

Develop customer personas to keep focused

Start by creating detailed customer personas. 

These are fictional representations of your ideal clients, encompassing demographic information, financial goals, challenges, and behaviours. 

For instance, you might identify personas like "First-Time Homebuyer Emily" or "Retirement Planning Richard." 

Craft these personas based on your market research and insights from existing clients.

Emily, First-Time Homebuyer Persona

Age: 28

Occupation: Marketing Professional

Financial Goal: Secure an affordable mortgage for her first home

Challenges: Limited credit history, uncertain about the mortgage application process

Richard, Retirement Planning Persona

Age: 60

Occupation: Retired, consulting part-time

Financial Goal: Refinance for a retirement property

Challenges: Fixed income, complex financial portfolio

Take your time with research 

Thorough research is the bedrock upon which your understanding of your target audience rests. 

Dive deep into demographic data, market trends, and consumer behaviour. 

What are the prevalent age groups seeking mortgages? What income brackets do they fall into? Are they primarily urban or suburban dwellers?

Understanding these factors will enable you to tailor your marketing efforts and services to cater to their unique requirements.

How to get clients as a mortgage broker - Driving Growth: How To Get Clients as a Mortgage Broker

Discover your competitors strategies for lead generation

Analysing your competitors' approaches can offer invaluable insights. 

Identify the mortgage brokers or firms that are thriving in the online space. Study their websites, social media presence, and engagement strategies. 

What kind of content are they producing? How are they interacting with their audience? 

While you don't want to copy their strategies outright, you can glean inspiration and potentially uncover gaps you can exploit in your own approach.

Work out what your unique selling point (USP) is 

Your Unique Selling Point (USP) is what sets you apart and creates a lasting impression on potential clients. 

It's the tangible value you bring to the table that no one else can replicate. Developing a well-defined USP is not just an exercise - it's a strategic move that can revolutionise your client acquisition journey.

Why a Distinct USP Matters

Imagine a potential client scrolling through a sea of mortgage brokers online. 

They're bombarded with offers that all sound similar: "Expert mortgage solutions," "Personalised service," and so on. 

This is where your USP comes in. It's your chance to make a memorable first impression and resonate deeply with the clients you're meant to serve.

A strong USP does more than just differentiate you; it taps into your unique strengths, specialisation, or approach that genuinely addresses the pain points of your target audience.Let's consider an example of a mortgage broker, Sarah:

Traditional USP: "I provide personalised mortgage solutions."

Nothing wrong with the above USP, other than it’s a bit boring and fades too easily into obscurity.

Refined USP: "I specialise in finding tailored mortgage solutions for first-time homebuyers with limited credit history, ensuring they secure an affordable mortgage and get into their new home as quickly as possible."

In this example, Sarah's refined USP is more specific and compelling. 

It not only highlights her expertise in a niche market (first-time homebuyers with limited credit history) but also emphasises the outcome (affordable financing and speedy completion). 

This USP speaks directly to her target audience's concerns and positions her as a go-to expert in addressing their needs.

How to get clients as a mortgage broker - Driving Growth: How To Get Clients as a Mortgage Broker

Strategically build an online presence 

In the digital age, establishing a robust online presence is non-negotiable for mortgage brokers looking to thrive in the competitive landscape. 

Your online presence is not just a digital storefront; it's a reflection of your brand, expertise, and commitment to your clients. By strategically building and managing your online presence, you can create lasting impressions and attract potential customers with confidence.

Consistency and focus build a reputation

Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining a strong online reputation. 

Whether it's your website, social media profiles, or content distribution, maintaining a uniform tone, branding, and messaging creates a cohesive and professional image. Frequent updates and engagement demonstrate your dedication to staying connected with your audience.

Actionable Tip: Allocate time for regular content creation and interaction with your audience. Respond promptly to enquiries, comments, and messages to showcase your attentiveness. I like to make time for this at least once a week.

Understand the benefits of having a good website

Your website is your virtual headquarters - it's where potential clients will go to learn about your services, expertise, and how you can add value to their mortgage journey. 

A well-designed and informative website establishes credibility, providing visitors with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Your website should feature:

Clear Navigation: Ensure that visitors can easily find essential information, such as your services, contact details, and about page.

Compelling Content: Share insightful articles, blog posts, or case studies that showcase your industry knowledge and willingness to educate clients.

Testimonials: Display client testimonials and success stories to build trust and demonstrate your track record.

How to get clients as a mortgage broker - Driving Growth: How To Get Clients as a Mortgage Broker

Optimise your website for SEO and get seen

A beautiful website isn't effective if it's hidden from search engine results. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website's content and structure to rank higher on search engines like Google. 

By implementing effective SEO strategies, you increase your website's visibility and attract organic traffic from potential customers actively searching for mortgage services.

Actionable Tip: Research relevant keywords and phrases related to mortgage brokering and strategically incorporate them into your website's content, meta descriptions, and headers.

Pro Tip: Invest in professional SEO services to ensure your website ranks well for relevant search terms.

Use the world of social media marketing for your benefit

In today's interconnected world, social media has become a powerful tool for establishing your brand, connecting with your audience, and showcasing your expertise as a mortgage broker.

Leveraging social media marketing strategically can open doors to new clients and opportunities. Here's how to make the most of it:

Be deliberate about your social media marketing choices

Not all social media channels are created equal, and each has its own unique audience and engagement style. 

So be picky when it comes to choosing which social media platforms to engage your audience. Select the platforms that align with your target audience's preferences and your content format.

For mortgage brokers, platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok can be effective choices for engaging potential clients.

Actionable Tip: Research which platforms your potential clients frequent and create tailored strategies for each.

Create quality content for customers across platforms

Consistently posting valuable content is at the heart of successful social media marketing. 

Share articles, infographics, videos, and other formats that educate and resonate with your audience's needs and questions. Highlight the benefits of your services and position yourself as a knowledgeable expert.

Actionable Tip: Create a content calendar that outlines when and what type of content you'll share. This keeps your posting consistent and organised.

Share your expertise with your readers

Use social media as a platform to showcase your industry expertise. 

Share insights on mortgage trends, offer advice on navigating the mortgage process, and address common concerns potential clients might have. By providing valuable information, you position yourself as a trustworthy source of knowledge.

Actionable Tip: Host live Q&A sessions or "Ask the Expert" segments to directly engage with your audience and address their questions.

How to get clients as a mortgage broker - Driving Growth: How To Get Clients as a Mortgage Broker

Establish partnerships that build ‘win-win’ outcomes 

Collaborative partnerships are a linchpin for the growth of every mortgage broker or mortgage business. 

By strategically aligning yourself with other industry professionals, you can unlock access to referral customers, cultivate more referrals, and cultivate relationships that fuel your expansion. 

Collaborate with others in the industry 

Teaming up with fellow professionals like estate agents creates a synergy that benefits all parties involved. 

When a potential homebuyer seeks out an estate agent's services, a reliable mortgage broker recommendation can enhance the overall experience. 

By consistently delivering excellent service and support, you're not only helping the client but also solidifying your reputation among estate agents.

Set up incentives for network referrals

Mutually beneficial partnerships often involve incentive programs. 

Consider establishing referral arrangements with estate agents. When they refer clients to you, you can reciprocate by sending clients their way. 

This "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" approach not only drives more referrals but also strengthens your network.

Actionable Tip: Create a clear referral program outlining the terms and benefits for both parties. Transparency helps build trust.

Be seen as an industry expert

Positioning yourself as an industry expert not only builds credibility but also attracts new clients and mortgage leads. Employ these strategies to enhance your reputation as a knowledgeable mortgage broker:

Host workshops for potential homeowners

Hosting educational workshops is a fantastic way to engage potential customers and offer them valuable insights into the mortgage process. 

By providing clear and actionable information, you showcase your expertise while helping potential homeowners navigate the complexities of obtaining a mortgage. Consider collaborating with local organisations such as the Chamber of commerce to increase your reach.

Actionable Tip: Tailor your workshops to address common questions and concerns that people often have about mortgages.

Create and present webinars on mortgage-related topics

Webinars are an excellent medium to delve into more detailed topics and showcase your expertise to a wider audience. 

Choose subjects that address the unique challenges faced by mortgage seekers and offer practical solutions. Promote your webinars through your online channels and encourage current and past clients to attend for a deeper understanding of the mortgage landscape.

Actionable Tip: Incorporate interactive elements in your webinars, such as Q&A sessions, to engage participants and provide personalised insights.

How to get clients as a mortgage broker - Driving Growth: How To Get Clients as a Mortgage Broker

Accept invitations as a guest speaker

Seize opportunities for speaking engagements at local chamber events, industry conferences, or community gatherings. 

Sharing your knowledge and experience with others positions you as a credible authority in the mortgage field. Being a guest speaker not only expands your reach but also allows you to connect with local professionals, clients, and fellow mortgage brokers.

Actionable Tip: Prepare engaging and informative presentations that provide real value to the audience.

By actively participating in speaking engagements and hosting workshops, you not only elevate your status as an industry expert but also create a lasting impression on prospective clients and mortgage leads.

Use pay-per-click advertising

Harnessing the power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a strategic move for mortgage brokers aiming to maximise their online visibility and attract mortgage leads. 

This targeted approach ensures that your mortgage business reaches potential clients at the right moment. 

Here's how to effectively utilise PPC advertising:

Benefits of PPC advertising for mortgage brokers

PPC advertising offers distinct advantages for mortgage brokers seeking to connect with mortgage leads:

Precise Targeting: PPC ads allow you to precisely target your audience based on demographics, location, interests, and even search intent related to mortgage services.

Immediate Visibility: With PPC campaigns, your mortgage business can gain instant visibility on search engines and relevant websites, putting you in front of potential clients actively searching for mortgage information.

Cost Control: You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, ensuring that your budget is directed towards actual engagement with interested users.

Create PPC campaigns 

Crafting effective PPC campaigns involves more than just placing ads. To maximise your ROI and attract quality mortgage leads, follow these steps:

Keyword Research: Identify keywords relevant to your services and the intent of people seeking mortgage assistance.

Compelling Ad Copy: Write concise and compelling ad copy that highlights your unique value proposition as a mortgage broker.

Landing Pages: Design dedicated landing pages that align with your ad's message and guide users towards specific actions, such as filling out a contact form.

Call-to-Action (CTA): Include a clear and persuasive CTA that encourages users to take the next step, whether it's contacting you or requesting more information.

Find a PPC advertising expert to help 

I know from experience that diving into PPC campaigns can be both rewarding and intricate. 

It demands a certain skill set that's worth tapping into for the best outcomes. 

That's why I started the PPC Machine in the first place - as a system for mortgage brokers and financial advisers who want to generate high-quality leads from their own websites.

My aim is to guide potential customers like you through the intricacies of PPC campaigns to maximise results. With the PPC Machine system, you have the tools to run effective PPC campaigns that attract mortgage leads and generate more business.

Pro tip: You can implement the PPC Machine system yourself with the help of our books and training materials. Alternatively, you can simply get in touch, and we could embark on this journey together, fine-tuning your PPC campaigns for optimal success.

Track results and stop doing what doesn’t work

You know, changing our viewpoint or strategy isn't always the easiest thing to do, especially in the world of mortgage brokerage. 

But it's a necessary practice that can lead to great results. It's about optimising our approach, attracting new leads, and continuously nurturing our client base. 

So let’s look at how you can effectively track results and make informed decisions:

Set up key metrics that will show if you’re getting results quickly

Identifying the right metrics ensures that you can quickly gauge the effectiveness of your lead-generation strategies. Some essential metrics to monitor include:

Conversion Rate: Measure the percentage of website visitors who become mortgage clients after engaging with your content.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): Track the ratio of users who click on your ads or links compared to the total users who view them.

Lead-to-Customer Ratio: Analyse how many new leads ultimately become paying mortgage clients.

Invest in a customer relationship management system (CRM) to track metrics accurately

A robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can be your ally in accurately tracking key metrics. 

It allows you to monitor interactions, automate follow-ups, and segment your client base for personalised communication. With a CRM, you can pinpoint which strategies are yielding the most fruitful results and focus your efforts accordingly.

Actionable Tip: Research and select a CRM system that aligns with the specific needs of your mortgage brokerage.

Don’t be afraid to discard lead-generation strategies that don’t work

Not all strategies will yield the desired results. 

You need to recognise when a lead-generation approach isn't producing the expected outcomes. Don't hesitate to pivot and explore new avenues. Embrace agility in adapting to changing market dynamics and evolving client needs.

Actionable Tip: Regularly review the performance of your lead-generation strategies and be willing to let go of those that no longer resonate with your target audience.


That’s it!

You’ve now equipped yourself with good information that you can put into practice immediately. Gaining clients is an ongoing process that takes focus and adaptation, but growth is inevitable when you create and stick with a powerful client acquisition strategy.

Each client that comes to you should be treated as a possible gateway to another client - through word of mouth. In the mortgage industry word of mouth is a force of it’s own - for good and for bad. So, these strategies - although effective, are just the starting point of customer relationship management. 

Take action immediately, you can always re-think and adjust what you have done if it doesn’t yield results.  Doing nothing at all because you’re afraid you don’t have the right strategy will certainly lead to results you don’t want. 

Want further resources to help you develop your client acquisition strategy and include PPC advertising?  The PPC Machine website is full of useful resources for mortgage brokers.  

About the author 

David Miles

As a digital marketing consultant, author and trainer, I specialise in helping businesses in the financial services sector use the internet to get more enquiries and increase profits.

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