The Ultimate Facebook Ads Guide Full of Top Secret Strategies You Can Use to Generate an Unlimited Supply of Mortgage Leads

Tired of Paying Over the Odds for Rubbish Leads?

  • Finding a reliable source of good mortgage leads at a sensible price can be a nightmare
  • Old school marketing methods are no longer working as your potential clients have rejected traditional media and now spend all their time consuming digital content
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook represent a huge opportunity for mortgage brokers who need more leads, but how can you take proper advantage of this new way of marketing?

Hi, I'm David. I built my first mortgage lead generation system for my own business back in 2003 and now I want to show you how you can build one too.

Discover the Facebook advertising strategies used by the most successful mortgage brokers so you too can profit and succeed!

There are over 2 billion people who log into Facebook every single day. They share updates with their families, friends, and acquaintances. 

But did you know, they also buy billions of pounds’ worth of products and services just from the ads they see on Facebook?

Would You Like To Tap Into This Billion Pound Industry And Grow Your Mortgage Business Like There’s No Tomorrow?

If you answered YES, then you definitely need to check out my Facebook Ads for Mortgage Brokers guide NOW. It's a comprehensive training manual that has been written specifically for those mortgage brokers who will answer YES to any of the questions below:

Are you sick and tired of seeing so many people rushing to your competitors’ businesses while you struggle with getting one or two decent leads each month?

Are you jealous of your competitors hiring more and more people each week while you, on the other hand, are thinking about how to let go of your employees?

Are you afraid you just may have to close your business if you don’t get enough leads or potential clients next month?

Are your competitors talking endlessly about how their sales funnel is so effective it costs them less than a penny to get each new client?

And lastly, are you tired of seeing your competitors gloat over their Facebook Ads profits?

Simply follow the step-by-step strategies in the guide and you’ll be on your way to getting a load more mortgage leads and raking in huge profits!

Well, the time has come for you to take action. Don’t let your competitors laugh all the way to the bank.

With Facebook Ads for Mortgage Brokers, you can crush your competitors by stealing their clients and converting them over to your business instead!

I know Facebook Ads has a steep learning curve (I've been there!), so I made the Facebook Ads for Mortgage Brokers training very easy to understand by including step-by-step screenshots to help you out.

I'm serious when I say I care about your business and I want you to succeed!

The world has changed.

Is your business keeping up?

It's nearly twenty years since I owned my mortgage brokerage. In that time, the world of marketing has changed beyond all recognition thanks to the emergence of new technologies and new marketing platforms such as Facebook and other social networks.

Across the country local and regional newspapers are disappearing due to declining readership and falling ad sales. Small commercial radio stations are being swallowed up by big corporations. TV adverts can easily be ignored thanks to technology such as Sky+ or avoided altogether as people increasingly turn to Netflix for the bulk of their viewing. No-one under 30 can remember life before the Internet.

Whilst this presents many challenges for people who are used to marketing their businesses through traditional channels, it also provides many opportunities. Businesses, including those in financial services, that have embraced the opportunities offered by Facebook advertising have been able to acquire customers in large numbers and at a comparatively low cost per acquisition.

Isn't it time you learnt how to do that too?

Stop Trying to Sell and Start Offering Value and Building Rapport Instead

Today's consumers are far less receptive to being sold to than previous generations were. They want information to help them make purchasing decisions. And they live in a world where, thanks to smartphones, that information is never more than a few taps away. 

A well executed Facebook Ads campaign is the first step in ensuring that you are the one who potential clients find when they are looking for that information.

Are You Ready to Profit and Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads?

One of the reasons that Facebook advertising is so effective is because it allows you to target people based on a huge range of factors such as: location, age, relationship status, occupation, hobbies, interests, companies they follow, income level, parental status. This degree of targeting is possible because Facebook has a vast amount of data about its users, both from the information they supply in their profiles and from analysing their online behaviours.

Facebook Ads helps businesses like yours to put their ads in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in their services. For example, if you were to target your ads at people who have shown an interest in Rightmove, there’s a good chance these ads will get clicked by people who are currently looking to move house and will therefore require a mortgage soon.

This might sound complicated but, as with most things, it's easy once you know how.

The Facebook Ads for Mortgage Brokers guide is a complete course covering everything you need to know to successfully launch an effective Facebook Ads campaign which will be filling your sales funnel and generating new mortgage enquiries for you around the clock - and for a fraction of the cost of most traditional forms of advertising.

Launch your Facebook Ads campaign correctly

Create adverts that really get people's attention

Learn the tricks for getting leads without breaking the bank

Here's a taste of what you'll learn with the Facebook Ads for Mortgage Brokers guide

  • Learn exactly how Facebook Ads works and how you can set up high converting campaigns using the Facebook Ads Manager
  • Find out why you can’t rely on organic Facebook traffic anymore
  • Uncover several techniques to take advantage of the Facebook pixel’s power and use it to grow your business 
  • Learn why you need to start collecting your customers' data now so you can retarget them later with Facebook Ads.
  • Discover how to optimise the design of your Facebook Ads so your target audience will stop scrolling and engage with them
  • Understand the importance of custom audiences and lookalike audiences
  • Find out why it is so important to have a lead capture funnel linked to your Facebook Ads and discover the different strategies you can use for each stage in your funnel
  • Crack the code to boosting your profits and putting your advertising on autopilot
  • See why split testing your Facebook Ads is essential if you want to get more conversions at a lower cost

A complete step-by-step training programme

The Facebook Ads for Mortgage Brokers guide contains nine modules that together will teach you everything you need to know to market your mortgage business on Facebook and dramatically increase the number and quality of leads coming your way. Here's the full list of the course modules in the guide:

  1. How to get started with Facebook Ads
  2. Getting to know the Facebook Ads Manager
  3. Facebook Ads versus Boosted Posts
  4. How to optimise your Facebook Ads designs
  5. Gain maximum exposure using Custom Audiences
  6. How to use retargeting with Facebook Ads
  7. Split-testing Facebook Ads to maximise profits
  8. How to lower your overall Facebook budget
  9. How to create a Facebook lead capture and nurture funnel

All of the training material and examples in these modules have been chosen and created with mortgage brokers in mind, so you'll find everything 100% relevant to your business.

Are You Ready To Get More Leads and Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads?

Here are some of the powerful benefits you’ll gain just by going through the Facebook Ads for Mortgage Brokers guide:

  • You’ll learn why millions of advertisers love Facebook Ads
  • You’ll find the quickest way to grow your mortgage business with different Facebook Ads strategies
  • You’ll get to know the different ad campaign objectives you can use to best target your audience no matter where they are in the sales cycle! 
  • You’ll learn the best techniques to optimise your Facebook Ads to get higher conversions (more mortgage leads) at low costs
  • You’ll know why and how you MUST retarget people who have interacted with your business online or offline 
  • You’ll see why split testing your Facebook adverts is essential if you want to save both time and money in the long run 
  • You’ll discover why good design matters in Facebook Ads and learn some simple tips and tricks for creating eye-catching designs. 
  • You’ll fast-track your way to success using highly profitable Facebook Ads techniques!

The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Ads to Get More Mortgage Leads and More Clients


Order your copy of Facebook Ads for Mortgage Brokers today for instant delivery and take advantage of these special bonuses:

Point-By-Point Checklist

View or print this handy checklist so that you can check off each point.

It is like a summary of the entire guide but in actionable, bite-sized points so that you can successfully get through the course.

Resource Cheat Sheet

You'll also get access to my list of top resources, apps and services for Facebook advertisers which will help you get even better results.

Inside you'll find:

  • Top blogs and forums 
  • Top tools
  • Top tips and how to's
  • + much more!

Course Mindmap

A quick glance over this mindmap and you'll get an instant refresher of all the major points and action steps from the main training guide.

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“Excellently produced course"

“Excellently produced course. David has a way of making potentially very tough and complicated procedures clear and easy to understand."

James Watson
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David Miles is a digital marketing consultant, trainer, speaker, and published author, who has helped thousands of businesses market themselves effectively online since 2003.

He is also a non-exec director of an insurance business and has previously owned a firm of IFAs and mortgage brokers. So he understands online marketing for the financial services sector and is fully aware of the particular challenges of working in a regulated industry.

Here's a reminder of what you get when you purchase this Facebook Ads course

  • A complete guide to using Facebook Ads, split into 9 sections for easy learning
  • Proven strategies for creating ads that generate quality mortgage leads
  • Step-by-step instructions for making sure your ads get seen by the right people
  • A handy checklist to keep you on the right track
  • Plenty of screenshots to make it easy for you to work through the course 
  • Sales funnel blueprints to increase your conversions

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel this course is for you within 30 days of purchase, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

P.S. Buying this course will allow you to grow and change the direction of your business for the better. By the end of it, you’ll know how to navigate the complex Facebook Ads Manager interface so you can create wildly successful adverts in no time at all.

P.P.S. You’ll never find another step-by-step guide like Facebook Ads Domination that's been created especially for mortgage brokers like you by someone with real experience in your industry. 
This guide will not only educate you on different strategies to succeed on Facebook but will also quite literally hold your hand while you grow from being a fledgling Facebook advertiser to a master of mortgage lead generation!