Digital Marketing Audit & Strategy Report

This is the starting point for most clients that we work with. You wouldn’t start repairing your car without first of all establishing what state it was in and drawing up a plan of what work needed doing. So why should the approach be any different when it comes to improving your online presence?

When you invest in a digital marketing audit and strategy report we will carry out:

  • A full assessment of your Google Analytics account to make sure it is properly configured and to see what insights can be gained from your data
  • An in-depth review of your Google Ads account (if you have one) to identify ways you could increase traffic and conversions and/or reduce wasted spend
  • An SEO audit to establish how Google-friendly your website is and whether it has been properly optimised for the search engines
  • An audit of your website to see how easy it is to use and whether there are opportunities to use online psychology and conversion rate optimisation to increase the number of visitors who make a purchase or submit an enquiry
  • A competitor analysis to see how your website stacks up against the other key players in your industry

All of the findings are then compiled into a comprehensive report (typically 30+ pages) which includes lots of recommendations about how to improve the above aspects of your digital marketing.

We saved £400 per month

Within minutes of looking at our AdWords account David saved our company at least £400 per month, if not more. David doesn't just provide a service, he provides RESULTS! I would have no hesitations of recommending his services to anyone or businesses of any size.

Harry Gahley
Head of Search Marketing
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