Digital Marketing Audit & Strategy Report

This is the starting point for most clients that we work with. You wouldn’t start repairing your car without first of all establishing what state it was in and drawing up a plan of what work needed doing. So why should the approach be any different when it comes to improving your online presence?

When you invest in a digital marketing audit and strategy report we will carry out:

  • A full assessment of your Google Analytics account to make sure it is properly configured and to see what insights can be gained from your data
  • An in-depth review of your Google Ads account (if you have one) to identify ways you could increase traffic and conversions and/or reduce wasted spend
  • An SEO audit to establish how Google-friendly your website is and whether it has been properly optimised for the search engines
  • An audit of your website to see how easy it is to use and whether there are opportunities to use online psychology and conversion rate optimisation to increase the number of visitors who make a purchase or submit an enquiry
  • A competitor analysis to see how your website stacks up against the other key players in your industry

All of the findings are then compiled into a comprehensive report (typically 30+ pages) which includes lots of recommendations about how to improve the above aspects of your digital marketing.

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Harry Gahley
Head of Search Marketing
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What is a digital marketing audit?

A digital marketing audit is a detailed review of how well your company is doing with online marketing. It helps you determine if your strategies are working, find ways to improve them, and come up with a strong plan for success.

Why is conducting a thorough audit so crucial? Simply put, the digital marketing landscape is dynamic, with trends, algorithms, and consumer behaviours changing rapidly. What worked yesterday may not work today.

What does a comprehensive audit include?

When you invest in a digital marketing audit and strategy report, we will carry out the following:

1. Google Analytics audit

  • Review your past analytics data to see if there are any insights which could influence the design of the new site and/or future marketing strategies
  • Use online psychology and identify any strange patterns in user behaviour, highlighting what content is most/least useful to visitors and increase the number of visitors who phone you or submit an enquiry
  • Assess your existing Google Analytics to make sure it is properly configured to track enquiries and amending any configuration issues
  • Make sure all traffic sources (including email campaigns, affiliate traffic, etc) are being properly measured
  • Make sure all important events and conversion goals (including inbound phone calls) are being properly tracked - because you can't improve what you can't measure
  • Analyse content quality and identify any opportunities to make your marketing more focused and ensure brand consistency
  • Identify any opportunities to increase conversions and improve ROI - e.g. by focusing on content and services which have been proven to be more likely to generate enquiries

2. An indepth review of your Google Ads account

  • Check whether all relevant features (e.g. remarketing, assets, audiences, etc) are being properly utilised and/or experimented with
  • Give your Google Ads account a performance grade and highlight areas for improvement in your online marketing
  • Highlight any opportunities to save money and/or increase sales by optimising the campaigns based on the data gathered to date - for example, we may be able to identify that you need to adjust your bids depending on the time of day, the age/gender of the searcher, etc

3. SEO audit

  • An SEO audit to establish how Google-friendly your website is and whether it has been properly optimised for the search engines
digital marketing strategy - Digital Marketing Audit & Strategy Report

4. Website audit

  • Assess the usability of the website (including any PPC landing pages) and see whether it is easy for people to read/navigate and to browse and enquire about your services
  •  Identify issues that may be hampering conversions - e.g. do you have a strong value proposition, are your services well presented and described, is the enquiry process as streamlined as it could be, etc.
  •  Highlight changes that can be made to design, content, or layout to increase conversions and increase income 

5. Competitor analysis

  • To compare your website against those of your main competitors and identify areas where your competitors are doing things better or worse than you

6. Audit of all digital marketing channels 

  • Email marketing audit - Includes an assessment of  the overall performance of your email campaign, a review of your templates, an evaluation of your list segmentation strategy and more. If you don’t have an existing email campaign, I will recommend  how email can be used as part of their future digital marketing strategy.
  • Social media audit - Assess you rcurrent social media performance and channels with recommendations on areas for improvement  

All of the findings are then compiled into a comprehensive report (typically 30+ pages) which includes a list of recommendations about how to improve the above aspects of your digital marketing channel.

How can I get the most out of my online marketing audit?

It's important to approach the audit process with an open mind, as being too specific in our requests can limit the breadth and depth of its findings. Remember, your investment in an audit is an investment in expert insight.

You might be given recommendations you don’t readily agree with (such as changes to your web design). Again, be open to new ideas. One of the most valuable aspects of an audit is the fresh perspective it offers. And be aware that implementing these recommendations may require investing your time, energy, and resources.

digital marketing strategy - Digital Marketing Audit & Strategy Report

When should I conduct a digital marketing audit?

There isn’t a once size fits all answer, but here is a list of scenarios that signal it’s time for an audit:

Performance Dips or Plateaus:

If you notice a decline in the performance of your digital marketing campaigns or have been stuck on a performance plateau, it's a clear signal that an audit is warranted. An audit can help identify underlying issues, such as ineffective strategies, outdated tactics, or missed opportunities, allowing you to course-correct and revitalize your campaigns.

Significant Changes in Business Goals or Strategies:

When your business undergoes significant changes, such as entering new markets, launching new products, or adopting new strategic directions, it's essential to align your digital marketing efforts accordingly. Conducting an audit during these transitional periods ensures that your campaigns are optimised to support your evolving goals and strategies.

Periodic Review Cycles:

Regular audits at predetermined intervals—quarterly, biannually, or annually—can help you maintain a proactive approach to campaign optimisation. These routine check-ins enable you to stay ahead of emerging trends, incorporate new technologies, and refine your tactics, keeping your digital marketing efforts in top shape. 

Budget Adjustments:

When you experience budget changes - whether it's an increase or a decrease - it's crucial to assess the impact on your digital marketing campaigns. 

Platform or Algorithm Updates:

The Google algorithm is constantly evolving. Major updates or shifts in algorithms can significantly impact the performance of your campaigns.

Competitor Analysis:

Keeping an eye on your competition is vital in the digital marketing landscape. If you observe shifts in your competitors' strategies or notice that they are outperforming you, it's a sign to conduct a digital audit. Analysing your competitors' tactics, benchmarking your performance, and identifying areas for improvement will help you regain your competitive edge.