Google Analytics

Setting Up Goals in Google Analytics

5 Lessons Intermediate

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. This course will teach you how to set up goals and conversion tracking in Google Analytics so as you can easily see the results of your marketing efforts and identify where improvements are needed.

Course Structure

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Introduction to Google Analytics Goals

This lesson explains what goals are and shows you how to work out which type of goals you need to configure to track enquiry form submissions and other important actions on your website.

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Setting Up a Destination Goal

This lesson shows how to create a destination goal in Google Analytics.

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Configuring Event Tracking

Before you can create an event goal, you will need to configure event tracking on your website. This lesson shows you how that's done.

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Setting Up an Event Goal

Once you've configured event tracking, this lesson will show you how to set up a goal in Analytics based on one of your events.

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Importing Goals into Google Ads

If you are running, or planning to run, Google Ads campaigns then it's a good idea to import your Google Analytics goals into Google Ads as conversions. In this final lesson we'll look at how you do that.