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Google Ads Quick Start

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Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is an excellent way of driving potential customers to your website – but only if you know how to use it correctly. Do it the wrong way and you might as well sit at your desk setting light to £50 notes.

Here’s the basic summary of how Google Ads works.

As the advertiser, you tell Google the type of keywords that are relevant to your business. Then, when someone performs a search on Google that matches one of your keywords, they are shown an advert (that you’ve written) for your business. If they click the ad then they get taken to your website.

You don’t pay for your ad to appear; you only pay if someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. This is why it is known as pay per click (PPC) advertising.

In this free course I'll walk you through the seven essential steps you need to take if you want to set up your first Google Ads campaign and do it the right way.

If you are already using Google Ads you can use these same steps to check through the setup of your existing campaigns and correct any costly mistakes that you might have made.

Either way, by the end of this course you'll have created a simple but effective Google Ads campaign that will get you results even if you're a complete beginner or are working with a small budget.

Course Structure

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Create a Google Ads account

In this first lesson you'll get your Google Ads account created so you're ready to build your first campaign.

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Choose your keywords

Now that your Google Ads account is up and running it’s time to start planning and building your first campaign. To do that we need to establish what your core keywords are. This lesson teaches you how to do that.

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Create a campaign

Every Google Ads account needs at least one campaign. But with so many settings available, how do you know which options to choose? This lesson will explain it all.

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Create an ad group

In this lesson you'll create an ad group, enter your keywords, and learn a bit about keyword match types.

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Write your ads

In this lesson it's time to get creative as we learn how to write ads that will set you apart from your competitors.

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Create ad extensions

Although they're optional, ad extensions can make a big difference to how successful your campaign is. This lesson shows you how to set up the most common ad extensions.

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Configure conversion tracking

People often forget to use conversion tracking or can't be bothered to set it up. But if you want to avoid wasting money on Google Ads, conversion tracking really is essential.

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If you've followed all the steps in the seven lessons, you'll now have a well-configured Google Ads campaign up and running.

Now, why not test yourself with this quick quiz and see how much you've learnt from this course.