Google Ads

Choosing Keywords for Google Ads

7 Lessons Intermediate

This course will show you how to find the right keywords for Google Ads so as you attract the right kind of visitors to your website without spending a fortune.

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Course Structure

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How to Generate Keyword Ideas

In this lesson you'll learn some of the best ways of coming up with ideas for effective keywords.

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Expanding Your Keyword List

Now that you've come up with some initial keyword ideas using the techniques outlined in the last lesson, it's time to expand each of those ideas into a multi-keyword list.

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Using the Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google provides its own keyword tool called Keyword Planner and in this lesson you'll learn how to use it to get keywords ideas for your campaigns.

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Deciding Which Match Types to Use

This lesson covers what match types are and how each of the four different match types works.

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Keyword Matching Demonstration

In this lesson, you'll get to see how your choice of keyword match type affects the type of search terms your ads will appear for.

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Negative Keywords

In this lesson you'll learn what negative keywords are and get some ideas for which negative keywords you need to add to your campaigns.

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Adding Negative Keywords from the Search Terms Report

This lessons shows how you can use the search terms report to get ideas for additional negative keywords.