Building Dynamic Landing Pages

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A dynamic landing page is one where some of the content on the pages changes depending on what parameters are specified as part of the URL for the page.

In this video, the page at:

is used as an example.

By adding the parameter ?city=xxxx on the end of the URL it is possible to change the location name that appears in the headline of the page. For example, this URL:

will make the page display Brentwood as the town in the headline, whereas this URL will send you tot he same page but it will now show Colchester in the headline:

You could create all these pages individually - one fo reach of your chosen towns. But by using a dynamic page you can have a single page and program it to update itself to match the town/city name specified in the URL parameter.

Doing this makes the landing page more relevant to the user's search. That means they are less likely to bounce when they arrive at the page and it can improve your Google Ads quality score.

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In this lesson you'll learn what dynamic landing pages are and why they are so useful when it comes to improving the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

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How to Create a Dynamic Landing Page

In this lesson you'll learn how to add the required code to your landing page to make it retrieve the town name from the URL and insert it into the required point(s) on the page.

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A Simpler Solution for WordPress Websites

If your website runs on WordPress, there is a quicker and easier way to add the required code to your landing page to make it dynamic. This lesson shows you how it's done.