Lead Nurturing

Building an Email Automation System

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Use your lead magnet and follow up emails to create a system that will automatically turn your cold leads into warm leads.

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How the System Works

In this lesson we'll take a quick look at an overview of the system we are going to be building to distribute your lead magnet and build your email list.

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Installing Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is a collection of plugins which will make it really easy for you to create landing pages, opt-in forms, and online quizzes. 

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Setting Up ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is the email marketing solution that will maintain your list of email subscribers and send them automated nurture emails.

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Building a Landing Page

In this lesson you'll learn how to create a high converting landing page using Thrive Architect.

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Setting Up a Thank You Page

In this lesson you'll learn how to use Thrive Architect to create the thank you page (or confirmation page) that people will see after they have signed up to receive your lead magnet.

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Enhancing Your Thank You Page

Now that you've created a basic thank you page, in this lesson you'll see how to make a few enhancements to it so as it has the potential to bring in new enquiries for you.

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Creating Opt-In Forms

In this lesson you'll learn how to use Thrive Leads to create high converting opt-in forms which will help you grow your mailing list of potential clients.

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Bonus Lesson: Installing WordPress

If you don't already have WordPress installed, you'll need to install it before you install Thrive Themes.