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7 Reasons to Bid on Your Brand Name in Google Ads

When I’m setting up a new Google Ads account I nearly always include a brand campaign – i.e. a campaign where all the keywords are the advertiser’s company/brand name plus common variations and misspellings of it. So, for example, if I was setting up Google Ads for the bank NatWest I’d have a campaign where the […]

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Without a Proper Landing Page Your Google Ads Campaign Will Fail

A few years ago, I did some work for a commercial finance broker who wanted to generate leads using Google Ads. The project ended up being a great case study that shows the importance of having a properly designed landing page if you want your Google Ads campaigns to be successful.The ProblemBecause he’s an appointed […]

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Does Size Really Matter?

Towards the end of July, Google made one of the biggest ever changes to AdWords by introducing Expanded Text Ads. Previously, the standard AdWords text ads that appear at the top and bottom of Google search results had a headline of up to 25 characters, and then two description lines of up to 35 characters each. […]

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