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What are Google Analytics Events?

I often get asked what events are (in the context of Google Analytics) and why they are needed.  It’s a good question and it’s a topic I always cover when I deliver Google Analytics training for my clients. So I’ve just uploaded a video of me explaining Google Analytics events during one of those training sessions. Here […]

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How to Find Out the Age, Gender, and Interests of Your Website Visitors

Google Analytics can give you loads of useful and interesting information about the people who visit your website. But some of this information – such as the age, gender, and interests of your visitors – is only available if you enable the demographics and interests reports in Analytics. In the video below, I’ll walk you through how […]

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What is RLSA and How Can It Help Your Google Ads Campaigns?

With a standard search campaign in Google Ads, your keywords, ads and bids are the same regardless of who is carrying out the search. And yet, in many cases, there’s one group of searchers who are more likely to convert when they visit your site – and that’s those people who have already visited your […]

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10 Ways to Build Your Google Ads Keyword List – Fast!

If you want to advertise successfully with Google Ads it’s vital that you start off with a good list of keywords.Your keywords are the foundation of your campaigns. They are the words and phrases which your potential customers are likely to include in their search when they are on Google looking for the products or […]

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How to Target Ads on the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) is often dismissed as being a waste of money that drives low quality traffic to your website and generates little or nothing in the way of conversions.That view was probably justified back in the early days of the GDN when advertisers had little control over where their ads appeared and […]

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Do Your Headlines Pass the Mother-in-Law Test?

I was on a call the other day with Andy, one of my Google Ads coaching clients, and he said he was having trouble coming up with a good headline for one of his landing pages. The original version that he was trying to improve on simply had a factual statement about the product and did […]

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Data Analysis Cuts Google Ads Costs by 31%

One of the reasons I enjoy working in digital marketing, and with Google Ads in particular, is that it requires me to use both my analytical skills and my creativity. Creativity is important when you need to come up with ideas for new ad variations that you can use in split-testing. And this week I want to […]

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How to Use Split Testing to Boost Your Google Ads Performance

If you’ve read any of my blogs or guides about setting up Google Ads then you’ll know that I always recommend having at least two ads in each of your ad groups so as you can split-test different ad variations. This week I thought I’d share a couple of examples of how running split-tests (or A/B […]

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How to Turn Website Visitors into Paying Customers

I met up for coffee with a business coach this week and we got talking about the various ways we help our respective clients grow their businesses. ​And it turns out that my approach to digital marketing consultancy has quite a lot in common with the way a business coach would help their clients.​ You see, […]

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Why a Discount Code Box Could Be Killing Your Sales

For the past couple of months I’ve been working with a client who is having a new website built. They wanted to work with me so as they had someone on their side who could keep an eye on the web agency and make sure they designed and built the site in a way which […]

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