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The Best Email Marketing Software for Mortgage Brokers

Email marketing might seem old-fashioned compared to newer digital channels such as social media. But, believe it or not, email is still a very powerful and effective way to market your business. Every £1 spent on email marketing generates a return of £32.28Source: The Direct Marketing Association As a mortgage broker, email marketing should definitely […]

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The Best Lead Generation Companies for Financial Advisers

​​​​​As a financial adviser or IFA, you are more than likely gaining most of your business through word of mouth or through repeat business from returning clients.If this is the case then that’s great, but what if you are just starting out, or your customer base is running low…how are you supposed to get to […]

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Why Does Campaign Traffic in Google Analytics Show as (Other) and How Can You Fix It?

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’ve found that the Channels report in your Google Analytics account includes an unknown type of traffic called (Other):You may also have found that some of your Campaign traffic – i.e. traffic from email campaigns or social media advertising campaigns which you’ve tagged with UTM parameters – […]

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LinkedIn for Financial Advisers

Despite the fact that social media is now such a huge part of our lives, the majority of financial advisers I speak to have failed to harness the power of social media marketing to grow their businesses. In most cases, it’s not that they don’t believe in social media or don’t want to use it – […]

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43 Powerful Marketing Ideas for Financial Advisers

Financial advisers often tell me that the biggest challenge they have is marketing their services in order to find new clients. In this post I’ve pulled together 43 marketing ideas for financial advisers who want to grow their businesses. Some of these marketing strategies are ones that have been around for a while and which I used […]

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Google Ads for Mortgage Brokers – 10 Essential Tips

Google Ads has a bad reputation amongst a lot of mortgage brokers. Many of them seem to prefer using Facebook Ads to generate mortgage leads, even though Google Ads might actually produce a better return on investment. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Facebook Ads shouldn’t be part of your marketing strategy for mortgages. […]

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How I Quadrupled Organic Traffic Using the Shotgun Skyscraper Method

About six months ago I stumbled across a website called Authority Hacker, which contains a wealth of resources and training materials for people who want to learn how to do their own SEO. Over the years I’ve come across loads of sites which claim to teach you how to do SEO and most of them fail […]

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Negative Keywords – The Big No-No in Google Ads

Negative keywords are a vital component of a well optimised Google Ads account. By adding negative keywords to your Google Ads campaigns, you are telling Google that if a searcher includes one of those negative keywords in their search then you do not want your ad to appear. This means you can filter out the kind […]

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The Simplest Way to Improve Your Google Ads Campaigns

If you want to improve your Google Ads campaigns one of the key things you should focus on is the content of your ads. The whole point of having an ad is so that it gets clicked. And you can greatly increase the chances of a searcher clicking on your ad instead of someone else’s by […]

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The 40 Best Google Ads Tools for 2020

Most jobs can be done better and quicker if you have access to the right tools. And running Google Ads campaigns is no exception. If you use the right tools you’ll be able to cut the time it takes to manage your Google Ads account and improve the results that you get from your campaigns. In […]

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