What is The PPC Machine?

The PPC Machine is a unique system that uses Google Ads and other pay per click (PPC) advertising platforms, coupled with conversion enhanced landing pages, to generate a steady flow of leads for your business.

The PPC Machine system was invented by David Miles, a digital marketing consultant, trainer, speaker, and published author, who has helped thousands of businesses market themselves effectively online since 2003. David is a Google certified professional and is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.

Whilst running The PPC Machine, David has also been the Finance Director of a company with a £26m turnover and around 200 staff. He has served as a non-exec director on the board of a specialist insurance brokerage and, early on in his career, owned a firm of IFAs and mortgage brokers. So he understands the financial services sector and is fully aware of the particular challenges faced by people working in an FCA regulated environment. For this reason, David has designed The PPC Machine primarily for IFAs, mortgage advisers, and other businesses in the financial services sector who want to get more clients.

David says:

When I founded The PPC Machine, I made a deliberate decision to keep things simple. I’ve owned or co-owned larger agencies and training companies in the past, where we had a large portfolio of clients and a team of staff to service them – and although we were successful and had some fun, it’s not something I want to do again. Having sold my share in my last agency, I now find it much more enjoyable and rewarding to work on my own with just a small number of carefully chosen clients at any one time.

The benefit for you of this approach is that when you work with The PPC Machine, you know you’re going to be personally looked after by someone who has over 15 years’ experience of digital marketing and who understands how a business like yours operates.

Good money, well spent

The world of PPC is an arcane one - complex, forever changing, full of nuances that few people understand. In my experience, even big companies with large marketing departments haven’t got a clue when it comes to assessing the success and cost effectiveness of their adword campaigns not least because they can’t easily benchmark themselves against other companies’ campaigns. David has unparalleled experience in managing adword campaigns, drawing upon years of working with different clients he knows what good looks like and the pitfalls that most of us fall into. Very easy to work with – he’s a clear concise thinker who can teach you how to use the tools to build really, effective campaigns and then use analytics to get the insights into the data. Good money, well spent – no hesitation in recommending David’s services.

James Hayward
Interim CFO

If you're ready to take the first step in transforming your business with the help of The PPC Machine, please get in touch.