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4 Ways Mortgage Brokers Can Upgrade Their Websites

Your website is likely to be the first aspect of your business that potential clients are exposed to when they're searching for a top mortgage broker. And, on your website, they're going to expect to find everything they need to know about the service you offer, where you are located, and any information about your fees and the type of clients you can help.

A robust website will offer all of this. But, sadly, not all mortgage brokers' websites do. And if you want to attract as many customers as possible, you need to consider whether your website is holding you back. 

Here are four simple ways you can upgrade your website to put yourself ahead of your competitors.

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate 

A website that is confusing and difficult to navigate is one of the worst things your clients can encounter. As a mortgage broker, you are likely to have a number of different services that you offer and a variety of different niches that you focus on. Make sure these are clearly labelled and easy to find via a well laid out menu system.

As well as the layout of your website, you also need to pay attention to the design. If your website is too in-your-face with clashing colours, excessive animations and too much clutter, then there is a severe risk of visitors being overwhelmed - which won't encourage them to hang around.

Give Prospects Easy Ways to Contact You 

While phone calls and emails are the traditional ways for clients to get in touch with you, these are not the go-to solution for everyone in the modern world. Increasingly, clients require immediate answers to queries, so you can add live chat software such as click4assistance to your website to make communication straightforward and efficient.

Remember that different generations have different communications preferences, so offering a choice of phone, email, forms, social media, chat, SMS, WhatsApp, etc will increase the chances of a potential client making contact with you.

Ditch the Jargon

We know that you know what your jargon means, but customers probably don't. Too much technical jargon and the use of meaningless business buzzwords should be avoided. And don't stuff your writing with keywords in an attempt to boost your SEO.

Instead, use plain English. Keep the tone conversational and friendly. And break up your content into shorter sentences and paragraphs to make it easier to read and understand. 

Optimise Your Site Speed

The average user will wait less than five seconds for your website to load before they click off and go to the next mortgage broker's site instead. Use tools like WP Rocket or Nitropack to make your website load as fast as possible.

Make sure your website loads quickly on both desktops and mobiles to ensure that everyone can access your website and find the information they need about your mortgage advice service. 


Upgrading your website might not be high on your list of priorities because you think it has to involve a time-consuming and expensive redesign. But, in actual fact, there are often some fairly simple changes like the ones above which can be done first and which will help ensure your website brings you more clients.

If you'd like some feedback on what quick wins could be achieved with your own website, get in touch with us

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As a digital marketing consultant, author and trainer, I specialise in helping businesses in the financial services sector use the internet to get more enquiries and increase profits.

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