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3 Easy Ways to Get More Mortgage Leads

When I ran my own mortgage brokerage, our biggest challenge was getting enough mortgage leads to keep the team busy and keep the fees coming in. And I know that it's a challenge still being faced by lots of mortgage brokers and mortgage advisers today.

So in this post I'm going to share three lead generation strategies which you can implement for little or no cost and which require minimal time to put in place.

If you want to get even more ideas for generating mortgage leads, I've got a free guide called 7 Ways to Generate More Mortgage Leads which you can download.

Meanwhile, here are three low-cost or no-cost mortgage lead generation ideas to get you started.


build a referral strategy

Unless you’re brand new in the mortgage business, you’re going to have a selection of past clients who you’ve helped find a mortgage for their new home or save money by remortgaging their existing property. When did you last ask them for a small bit of help in return?

A simple email or a phone call asking them to introduce you to any of their friends/colleagues/family who might want to cut their mortgage costs is likely to result in some new business for you.

You should also make asking for a referral a standard part of your sales process. By making a point of asking every client whose mortgage completes if they can think of someone else who might benefit from your advice, you could develop a whole new stream of enquiries.


develop a strong value proposition

A value proposition is a simple statement that sums up what you do, how you add value for your clients, and how you differ from your competitors. A strong value proposition will help you stand out from the crowd and convince potential clients to choose you over any other mortgage broker.

Once you’ve decided what your value proposition is, make sure it is clearly displayed on your website and on other marketing material.

Some mortgage brokers’ websites have great value propositions, some have mediocre ones, and lots have no value proposition at all. You can see some examples if you download 7 Ways to Generate More Mortgage Leads.



Every day, thousands of people search on Google for advice and information about mortgages. You can increase your number of mortgage enquiries by making sure that your website is one of the ones people find when they are doing these kind of searches.

Google Ads offers a great way to get your site listed on Google in a matter of hours and you should look into setting up a basic Google Ads campaign if you haven’t already. You should also use remarketing ads to get people to come back to your site if they didn’t contact you the first time.

You should also look at doing some local SEO in order to attract people in your local area who are looking for a mortgage broker.

Want some more ideas for getting mortgage leads without spending a fortune with lead generation companies?

About the author 

David Miles

As a digital marketing consultant, author and trainer, I specialise in helping businesses in the financial services sector use the internet to get more enquiries and increase profits.

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