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How We Can Help You

Pay per click advertising with Google AdWords is a fantastic way of getting potential clients to your website and generating leads cost effectively. But in the hands of a novice it can often end up costing a lot of money and giving very disappointing results. Even if you know what you're doing with AdWords, the time and effort taken to manage it effectively is usually better spent working on other aspects of your business.

And that's where we come in. By using The PPC Machine to look after your AdWords and other PPC campaigns, you'll get improved results and have more time to do what you enjoy doing.

The PPC Machine works on three key areas that are vital to the success of your online advertising:

Campaign Creation

We make sure all your PPC campaigns are properly configured, have the optimum number and choice of keywords, and contain well-written ads that will demand attention. By continuously monitoring and refining all these aspects we ensure your PPC accounts are always running at maximum efficiency.

Analysing Results

Trawling through pages of Google Analytics data might not sound very exciting but it's something that needs to be done to ensure that your precious advertising budget is being spent as wisely as possible. We sift through the numbers for you to block any holes in your campaigns that are losing you money and to identify new opportunities to generate additional revenue. We actually find this bit quite exciting!

Optimised Landing Pages

Many AdWords advertisers fail to make a positive return on investment purely because their website lets them down. So having the right type of landing pages to send your traffic to is vital - and yet it's something that many PPC agencies overlook. We use psychology and neuroscience to create high converting landing pages that will persuade more of your visitors to take action and contact you.

Why Choose Us

Here are just some of the things that make us different from other agencies. Click the icons for more info:

Focused on Conversions

We don't just drive more traffic to your website - we use psychology to turn those visitors into prospects

Complete Package

Although we specialise in AdWords we also provide an outsourced digital marketing manager service to oversee and improve all aspects of your digital marketing so you get even more new clients

Industry Experts

As well as being a published author and certified by Google, our CEO is also a highly experienced AdWords trainer and a regular keynote speaker at industry events, so everything we do will be explained to you in plain English; he's also worked at the sharp-end of the financial services industry so he knows his FSMA from his TCF.

Guaranteed Results

If we don't improve your AdWords results within the first 6 weeks, we'll give you a full refund

What Our Clients Say

We've helped thousands of people like you improve their AdWords results

My enquiries immediately increased by around 300%. I have now given quotes for around £27,000 of new business and have had £2,200 of confirmed orders.

Joanna Parker

Joanna Parker Catering

We tried AdWords before, but never had any results. Within two days of auditing our campaign, we got enquiry calls – amazing!

Anuschka Fritz

Moustique Design

Within minutes of looking at our AdWords account David saved our company at least £400 per month.

Harry Gahley

Prodec Networks

I now have an effective marketing strategy for my AdWords campaign and am achieving great results with the minimum of investment.

Tariq Musaji

Farrah Driver Training

We were throwing money away on wasted clicks and badly targeted campaigns. After the audit, I completely reconfigured our entire campaign strategy (within a day), eliminated 90% of the 'tyre kickers' and more than doubled our click through rates.

James Hayward


David proposed a radical redesign of the campaign, which has already yielded a lower cost per click and a more focused and targeted marketing initiative.

Reg Bamford

Sable Group

Our Story

The PPC Machine is a unique system that uses AdWords and other pay per click (PPC) advertising platforms, coupled with conversion enhanced landing pages and automated sales funnels, to generate a steady flow of leads for your business.

The PPC Machine was invented by David Miles, a digital marketing consultant, trainer and published author, who has helped thousands of businesses market themselves effectively online since 2003. David is a Google certified AdWords professional and is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. David is a non-exec director of an insurance business and has previously owned a firm of IFAs and mortgage brokers, so he understands the financial services sector and is fully aware of the particular challenges of working in an FCA regulated environment.

By combining all the elements of a successful digital marketing campaign into one tried and tested strategy, the PPC Machine has proven to be the ultimate way for IFAs, mortgage advisors, insurance brokers and other financial services professionals to grow their businesses quickly and cost effectively.

Inside the PPC Machine

Here's what you get when you use The PPC Machine to improve your AdWords campaigns:

Reduced Costs

You'll see a reduction in the amount you spend on attracting the wrong kind of visitors to your site, which means that your advertising budget stretches further.

Fast Results

Your website will appear on page one of Google for more searches within a matter of days, so as you will quickly get plenty of potential customers visiting your new website.

Transparent Pricing

You pay your own advertising charges direct to Google so you always know how much you're paying for clicks and how much for management.

Eye Catching Ads

We'll write multiple highly compelling adverts for you in order to increase your clickthrough rate. A higher CTR means you'll get more visitors and pay less per click.

Keyword Research

Extensive keyword research and analysis of your existing search traffic lets us find the keywords that cost less and improve your return on investment.

Call Tracking

Call tracking is included as standard. This allows us to see which searches generate phone enquiries and means your AdWords account can be made even more efficient.

Landing Page Optimisation

By using psychology and NLP we'll make sure your landing pages do a great job of convincing visitors to take action and contact you.


We don't tie you into a lengthy contract. There's no minimum term and you can cancel our service at any time by giving 30 days notice.

New Technology

We'll use all the latest innovations from Google, such as remarketing and dynamic ads, to get you as many leads as we can for the lowest possible cost per acquisition.

Start Getting More Clients!

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