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Your 30-point AdWords checklist

With this comprehensive AdWords checklist at your side, you'll find it easy to audit all the key components of your AdWords account, so as you reduce wasted spend, drive more high quality visitors to your site, and increase conversions.

We've been auditing and improving AdWords accounts since 2003, so we know what you need to look for and what things you need to get right to get the maximum return on investment from your AdWords campaigns. Your free audit checklist focuses on four key areas that will make or break any AdWords account:

campaign settings

Are you on the right networks? Are your budget settings correct? Are you targeting the right locations?

account structure

Does your account structure mean you are paying more per click than you really need to?


Have you got the right keywords and are you using negative keywords correctly to eliminate wasted spend?


Are you using every trick in the book to make your ads stand out from the crowd and increase the number of clicks you get?

What Our Clients Say

We've helped thousands of people like you improve their AdWords results

My enquiries immediately increased by around 300%. I have now given quotes for around £27,000 of new business and have had £2,200 of confirmed orders.

Joanna Parker

Joanna Parker Catering

We tried AdWords before, but never had any results. Within two days of auditing our campaign, we got enquiry calls – amazing!

Anuschka Fritz

Moustique Design

Within minutes of looking at our AdWords account David saved our company at least £400 per month.

Harry Gahley

Prodec Networks

I now have an effective marketing strategy for my AdWords campaign and am achieving great results with the minimum of investment.

Tariq Musaji

Farrah Driver Training

We were throwing money away on wasted clicks and badly targeted campaigns. After the audit, I completely reconfigured our entire campaign strategy (within a day), eliminated 90% of the 'tyre kickers' and more than doubled our click through rates.

James Hayward


David proposed a radical redesign of the campaign, which has already yielded a lower cost per click and a more focused and targeted marketing initiative.

Reg Bamford

Sable Group

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